Three Best Rated® 50-Point Inspection

Our 50-Point Inspection includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence. If you are looking for full list of our 50-Point Inspection, the following list will give you a clear picture. Few items may not be applicable to all businesses.


  1. Experience
    Master of their craft, based on years of quality experience and education
  2. Online History
    Keeping track of sites and pages about the businesses
  3. Ownership History
    Types of business ownership and history of ownership (Family, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship and corporation)
  4. Services

  5. Exact Services
    Specific specialization of their unique services
  6. Special Features
    Extra complimentary services to the customers
  7. Service Diversification
    Additional related but wide variety of services offered
  8. Images

  9. Business Images
    Authentic business images (interior, exterior, owner, vehicles and office) which help customers to learn about the business before visiting
  10. Fake Images
    Original images only - Strictly no fake business images
  11. Ownership Proof
    Proofs/Documents/License/Permit copy of the business ownership
  12. Operating Hours

  13. Business Hours
    Maximum working hours benefiting visitors
  14. Less Operating Hours
  15. Social Media

  16. Social Media Presence
    Reputation on Social Media Networks
  17. Page Maintenance
    Regular announcement and update of their social network page to make it as unique and brand-worthy
  18. Followers Ratio
    Accounts with credible high follower/following ratio with high engagements
  19. Website

  20. Complete Info
    Complete and detailed information on the business website
  21. Online Chat
    Real-time transmission of text messages from source to customer/clients online (preferably on their business website)
  22. Online Appointment
    Scheduling appointment through online platform (must include appointment confirmation)
  23. Website Standard
    Perform all the necessary tasks to keep a website up to date (updating stale information)
  24. Emblem
    The Distinctive logo of the business
  25. Contact Info
    Accurate Address/Map/Email ID/Phone numbers
  26. Copyright & License
    Up to date copyrights and proper license maintenance (Active License and Trademarks)
  27. Acknowledgments
    Recognition of the businesses through other standard websites in their area of business
  28. Awards

  29. Awards History
    Consecutive award winners in their specialization
  30. Multiple Awards
    Legitimate Awards from different sources
  31. Achievements
    Endorsement and Honors List
  32. Complaints

  33. ThreeBestRated Complaints
  34. Response from Owner
  35. Fake Complaints
  36. Lawsuit
  37. Reviews

  38. Legitimate Ratings
    Legitimate ratings and reviews from customers (Strictly no fake reviews)
  39. Current Evaluation
    Up to date recent reviews from customers
  40. Fake Reviews
  41. Reviewer's Info
    Reliable reviewers identity and history
  42. Reviews Study
    Legitimate Reviews should be spread across operating years (no sporadic reviews)
  43. Responsiveness
    The quality of reacting quickly and positively to customers feedback
  44. Negative Reviews
  45. Review Analysis
    Detailed actual reviews from customers about their real experience (both positive and negative reviews)
  46. Reviews Accuracy
    Detailed authentic reviews from customers about the unique service (positive and negative reviews)
  47. Miscellaneous

  48. Real Discounts
    Special authentic discounts or offers in percentage or flat price for their customers
  49. Price Comparison
    Fair price for the best service
  50. Location Proximity
    Within the city limits hence near for the customers
  51. Specialization
    Unique service offered by the business
  52. Gift Vouchers
    Authorized original gift cards/Certificates
  53. Multiple Branches
    More than 1 location within the city (more popular)
  54. Videos
    Trustworthy Videos about the business (both customer reviews and business information videos)
  55. Call Inspection
    Responsiveness quality on phone, so customers never feel ignored
  56. Insurance Acceptance
    Covers major and most insurance
  57. Address Validation
    Physical location verification
  58. Website Source
    Reliability of the business website (complete website)
  59. Our Review Team Overall Satisfaction

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